Pros And Cons Of Working With ClickBank

Even if you’ve never been to the ClickBank website, you’ve probably already seen the name once or twice. ClickBank is the mother of all e-book and software sales websites and millions of e-book authors market their products and earn money on their homepage. If you own digital products that your visitors can pay for and download, you may be able to offer them for sale in the ClickBank Marketplace.

Before you jump into working with ClickBank, you should know what you are getting into. Here are some good reasons to use ClickBank and a few reasons why you want to sell your products elsewhere.

ClickBank Pros

Signing up with ClickBank is easy and straightforward. You can finish in minutes, and you can start using your affiliate links or uploading your content in no time.

It’s free to list your items on ClickBank. Unlike other sites where you only charge the cost of what you sell, you can use ClickBank to post without paying. This is a good way to see how good a product is without worrying about seller fees.

Your customers can pay with all major credit cards and they can also pay with Paypal. Using a Website Paypal is crucial because millions of internet users use it for payment when shopping online.

You can get paid twice a week from your content or affiliate link. Most online sites only pay once a month or twice a week, but you can request a check or a referral from ClickBank twice a week.

Your account will be activated immediately and you will not have to wait a few hours for someone to say yes or no to your joining.

You can request the payment with only $ 10. Online payment can range from $ 50 or even $ 100 when it comes to getting paid for your products or affiliate commissions from other websites.

As a partner, you have the choice between hundreds of thousands of digital products that you can market. For almost every topic there is an eBook that you can recommend to your visitors.

When you sign up as an eBook seller, there are hundreds of thousands of affiliates who can market your ebooks and help you make some money.

With the help of keyword search, products are easy to find, which is great given the many e-books and software available for download.

ClickBank cons

With an easy login and many other ClickBank factors that make it a great place to post digital media, some think it’s easy to make money by posting a link. You must do the work and apply affiliate marketing if you are hoping to earn money or work at home that uses it.

There is a 90-day return policy which is very easy to use and it is not a problem. The problem is that many scammers have bought these downloadable products and then request a refund. You are, in fact, ripping off the people who made this content. These products are downloaded so that the buyers get free goods and money back, while the authors and creators lose sales and get major chargebacks.

The biggest problem with ClickBank is the inability to connect with your customers without a separate website or list. Many websites that sell e-books have a form that allows visitors to enter their names and emails. That way, they can easily create a list where they can send information about the new products they have created. The overview of sales and how well your eBook is doing can also be tricky since ClickBank does not have a great tracking system like other affiliate sites

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